Getting started with Leavers - Managers & Controllers

When an employee is leaving your organisation, your myhrtoolkit HR system can easily be updated to reflect this change.

Only managers or controllers can set an employee as a leaver in myhrtoolkit. If you cannot find options mentioned in this document, please ask your controller to revise your access privileges.

Additional information regarding the Leavers functionality can be found in the Managing Leavers support page.

We have written further guidance on how to delete a leaving employee's data.

Set an employee as a leaver

To set an employee as a leaver, go to Management > Leavers and select the employee who is leaving.

Set employee as a leaver

Select multiple employees only if the employees are leaving on the same date.

Follow the wizard and complete the rest of the process.

In the final step, the system will display the calculated final holiday entitlement, showing you whether the employee over booked or has outstanding holidays. You also get the option to upload exit documents. These can be uploaded later if you cannot do it now.

Leaver’s archive

Any Employee with a leaving date which is in the past will be moved to the leaver’s archive and their access to the system will be automatically removed.

Any User with a leaving date in the future will still be able to access the system until their leaving date. Some operational data such as holiday bookings after the leaving date are automatically deleted, whilst personal data is retained.

Deleting a leaver

If a Controller or Manager (with the permission) wishes to remove a User’s data in its entirety then navigate to Management > Leavers > Archive, and find the row with the ex-employee, then click the Delete link. After confirmation, the User will no longer be visible within the system and they will not be counted in any reports.

Note – Using the Delete function will irretrievably remove all trace of the User from the system.
Reinstating a leaver

A leaver can be re-instated by going to Management > Leavers > Archive and click on the Reinstate button.

The archive tab is a year by year, filterable list of all employees marked as left. All relevant details about their departure are shown, to reinstate them (e.g. if resignation is withdrawn) click the relevant link.

Leavers report

Further reports are available from the reports icon on the management toolbar, there are two reports which show detail about leavers.

Starters & leavers – shows by name the new starters and employees who have left (excluding deleted employees). This is filterable by calendar year, or by a rolling 12 month window. The leavers section includes a calculation of average tenure within the organisation.

Leavers analysis – gives raw figures for the number of employees who have left, by month and by year.

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