Give a Manager access to pay data - Controllers

Access to pay data for users and managers is fully configurable in myhrtoolkit. Access can be toggled on and off for users, while managers can have full, partial or no access.


Go to Config > System > People and find the Employee access to their information section.

From here, you can choose whether employees can see their basic pay information in Myhome. You can also give/remove access to Identification documents and visas/work permits tab.

Toggle the sliders and click 'Update employee access to their information' to submit changes.

Make your choice and submit.


Go to Config > Access rights > Managers' rights.

This page provides options to add and remove managers' rights, governing what they can and can’t see. The options for pay data are on the right hand side. Options are:

  • Full access – can view and edit
  • View only access
  • No access

Choosing the ‘No access’ option and pressing submit will remove all pay references from the managers' screens within:

  • Pay and benefits
  • Reports
  • Employee files

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