Using probation periods in myhrtoolkit

Probation in myhrtoolkit

Myhrtoolkit supports the assignment of a probationary period to a new employee. This is initially set on the second page of the New Employee Wizard.

Probation period settings in new employee wizard myhrtoolkit

Details of the probationary period are shown towards the right hand side of the Employee files summary for the user.

Probation information on employee file

A probationary period can be amended, or a new one added (for instance, after a promotion), by using the links given.

The update page is very similar to the New Employee Wizard. During an update, notification details can be set, as well as an expiry date. The notifications can be set to appear at various time periods to allow further administration to happen at the correct time (changes to salary, holiday, etc.). These are confirmed after the update.

Probation period summary


Myhrtoolkit provides a simple report detailing the probation periods set for employees, whether they have expired, etc.
It can be found in Management > Reports > Performance management > Probation. As with many myhrtoolkit reports, an option to export to Excel is available.

Employee probation reports on myhrtoolkit

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