Recording hours worked for Variable Hours employees

The hours that a variable hours (VH) employee has worked must be recorded for each day the employee has worked. Myhrtoolkit provides tools for capturing this data.

Go to Management > Hours > Variable hours.

Recording hours worked for variable hours employees

The time sheet that you see here can be scrolled week to week in either direction or moved to a specific month via the drop down menu. The hours entered here form the basis of holiday accrual for variable hours users. A user’s holiday entitlement will only appear when the relevant hours have been entered.

The timesheet allows hours to be reviewed in 3 different views: weekly (day by day), monthly (week to week) or annually (month by month). Hours can only be entered or edited in the ‘Weekly’ view.

Anyone set to variable hours during the time period being viewed will appear in the timesheet.

Users currently set to variable hours can have weekly hours entered on a day by day basis (followed by submit after entry). These hours can be amended by using the ‘Weekly’ view and then clicking on each daily figure. Clicking on the 'Note' link will give details of when and who entered the data.

Users who were set to variable hours in a previous period will be displayed for the time period being viewed and their previously entered hours shown. However, these cannot be amended, nor new hours entered.

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