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Why you need HR

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Owning a business with employees will require you to wear many different hats and multi task, as it isn’t a case of simply knowing the trade you are in. Often, you’ll need a dedicated HR help to be able to manage things.

As a business owner or HR manager you will be required to manage a lot of areas of HR, we explain why HR is important and how our HR Software can help you.

If you ask people what Human Resources do, (or HR as it is more commonly known) most would say they look after the staff for large companies. But when you consider the scope of the duties they cover, it isn’t just large organisations that require the services of HR.

There are many matters that need attention pertaining to company employees, regardless of the size of the company.


Hiring staff can be very time consuming. There will be CVs to read through and segregate into potential candidates to interview. First interviews will need to be arranged followed by second or final interviews. Then there are references to be sought and background checks if necessary. Once a new employee has been found there is then the notification to the successful applicant to be done, whether it’s a phone call or formal letter.

Disciplinary procedures

Unauthorised absence, lots of odd days sick, attitude, customer complaints; unfortunately most employers will have to deal with problem staff at some point in time. It doesn’t matter whether you employ 1 or 100 employees, you must follow the correct disciplinary procedures or you could face the prospect of unfair dismissal. HR will ensure disciplinary procedures are followed by all managers and are responsible for making sure they are all kept fully informed of any updates or changes in these procedures.


Some HR departments also run the payroll for businesses. This involves them having good lines of communication with all departments and management for reporting on bonuses, overtime and sickness etc.


Whilst some training is done by managers many HR professionals spend time analysing the competencies that need to be developed in staff. They will discuss the training needs with managers and help prepare and run the training plan.


Contracts, changes to contracts, checking employee expenses, company communications such as new appointments or announcements.

We’ve only really scratched the surface here, but we’re sure you will agree that employing staff is a full time job in itself and requires a lot of hard work. Whether you have 1, 10 or more HR employees, you would really struggle without the services they give.

At myHRToolkit we can help you manage many of these HR proceedures helping engagement and employee satisfaction, our HR Software is ideal for Business owners of small businesses or HR managers who need a bit of extra help managing employees.

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