How to amend holiday entitlement

An employee's holiday entitlement can be amended from Management > Holidays > Holiday entitlements. This can be done by a Controller or Holiday Manager.

Note – We have published a brief guide to holiday entitlements.

During a holiday year, any changes to an employee's holiday status (days/hours granted, part time changes, etc.), can be recorded with myhrtoolkit. The employee's actual annual entitlement will be displayed as a series of entries, each capturing a specific time period. There are 3 actions that can be taken:

  • Create a new entitlement - Date change effective from link

  • Edit an existing entitlement – using the Amend entitlement link

  • Delete an existing entitlement – using the Delete link

screenshot - holiday entitlement


Create a new holiday entitlement

Find the employee required. Using the Date change effective from box, click on the date field to select the date from when you wish the change in holiday entitlement to take effect and click on submit.

screenshot - holiday entitlement

Make the required changes to the employee holiday entitlement, (units and the inclusion of bank holidays in the entitlement are set in their respective columns on the main page). When you press Submit, the holiday entitlement will be recalculated including the new entry.

screenshot - holiday entitlement


Edit an existing holiday entitlement

To edit an existing entitlement entry, follow the process above, but use the Amend entitlement link instead of the Date change effective from link.

Deleting an entry

To delete an entry simply click on the Delete link to the right of the entry. This will cause the entry to be removed and the holiday entitlement to be recalculated based on the remaining entries.

Changing holiday units

If there is a need to change an employee's holiday units (myhrtoolkit supports days or hours), use the Amend link in the 'Holiday Units' column. You will be presented with a wizard to make the conversion. Follow the text on screen for guidance on how to make the change. The image below shows the text for converting from days to hours.

screenshot - holiday entitlement

When ready, press Submit to make the change.

Including or excluding bank holidays

Myhrtoolkit allows for employees to have Bank Holidays/Public Holidays included or excluded on an individual basis, depending on contract, etc. To make a change, use the Amend link in the 'Are Bank Hols included in the annual entitlement?' column. Follow the text on screen and Submit to make the change.

Learn more: Bank holidays during sickness absence: do staff get time off in lieu?

  • The Hours Status property used in myhrtoolkit governs what proportion of an FTE holiday entitlement is due to an employee.Further details can be found in the Hours Status guide.
  • If a User is marked as a leaver, their final entitlement will be calculated taking into account whether or not Bank Holidays were included. Some notes about it may be found here.
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