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Process Overview


This guide walks you through the process of a first login to your myhrtoolkit system, setting up, and ‘going live.’

Firstly, you will need to complete a ‘new client form‘ to provide the details required to get your myhrtoolkit up and running.

Once this is complete you will receive an email link to your newly created system, ready for you set up. This will be followed by an official welcome email with payment details.

An Outline of what happens when you first log on to a new myhrtoolkit installation is available in the “Log In” section of the “Initial Setup guide.

When you have first logged into your system, it will be in ‘Setup‘ mode where there are two stages.

Stage 1 requires you to upload user details and sufficient information to enable the system to function. To assist we provide an automated upload spreadsheet where you can import much of your existing data. You will only be able to advance when you have added the required mandatory information.

Stage 2 allows you to include the level of optional information you wish, before making your system fully live to your organisation. This might include documents, previous sickness and holiday records for example.

Planning your set-up and roll-out
There is a guide offering thoughts on successfully planning the set up and roll out of your new myhrtoolkit, in particular focussing on what you might consider before making a start. It can be found here.

Once you are ready to give access to your users you can choose to ‘go live’ either sending everyone an automated email containing their login and password, or by printing off a list of logins and one time passwords to be issued directly.

Note – If your installation is being set-up for you by an external provider, they will not be able to take your system live until you have logged in and accepted the terms and conditions.

The Set-up process

Go Live: Broadcast

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