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Getting started with Training – managers

Employee Training Management

myhrtoolkit provides functionality to manage training within your company. As a manager, your reports are able to request training, which you can accept or decline; you can input previously arranged training, and set up reminders relating to the training or expiring certificates, etc. Employees are also able to input training, whether it be retrospectively or prior to the training taking place.


  1. Training Requests and Records
    1. Employee training requests
      Depending on your organisational policy, employees may request training through myhrtoolkit. When a request is made, you will be informed by email. The request can be reviewed by going to the outstanding training requests tab in Management > training.Using the links in the right-most column, you can Accept or Decline each request, which will perform the action immediately. Accepted training requests will then appear on the employee’s ‘training records’ area in their myhome, and your ‘training records‘ area in Management > training.
    2. Viewing current training commitments
      The main page for the viewing the current status of employee training commitments can be found in Management > training > training records.This page also allows you, as a manager, to enter information about training courses for employees. Fill in the text boxes in the first line of an employee’s record, and when ready submit.If the training is just for one day, you will be asked to clarify the exact duration.

      A new training event will then be seen against the employee in the training record.

    3. Editing a training event record
      If a training event record is incorrect, it can be edited by following the ‘Edit‘ link at the right-hand end of the relevant row.
    4. Adding certificates or awards
      After completing a training event, documents can be added (digitised certificates, awards, etc). Follow the relevant link in a employee’s training record.
    5. Reminders
      myhrtoolkit provides additional support for training in the form of reminders. Reminders can be set up both for the event coming and for the future, e.g. for certificate renewal, etc. If not already set, reminders are invoked by clicking the alarm-clock icon in the ‘reminders’ column. Reminders can be set to use a specific date, or a recurring date pattern.Reminders appear as tasks in your myhome area. Employees can create a reminder, though it will not appear in their task list, but yours: only managers receive reminders.
    6. Archive
      When managing large numbers of staff, and many training events, for clarity it may be advantageous to archive various training records as seen fit. This can be done by following the ‘Archive’ link at the right of each entry in the training record tab.To see the archive, follow the ‘training archive‘ link found at the top of the training records.
  2. Training Reports
    myhrtoolkit provides a variety of reports for tracking current and previous training events for employees who report to you.

    1. Training report
      The training report gives a per-employee digest of training commitments, filterable by year, location and department.
    2. Training request history
      The training request history report gives a digest of training request made by employees over a time period, filterable by year, location and department.
    3. Attendance chart
      The attendance chart can be filtered to show the training records of employees which fall within a selected month. The chart is filterable by month, location and department, with additional options for other types of attendance to be shown.
    4. Costs
      In Management > reports > training > training costs, a report can be found which gives a summary of training costs. The report is filterable by year, location and department.
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