Performance Management - Frequently Asked Questions

Meeting types

How do I set up Meeting types?
Go to Management > Performance Management > Configure meeting types. Click the Add meeting type button in the top right, and fill in the form on screen.
For more information see the Performance Management Meeting types page.
Can Managers add Meeting types, or only Controllers?
By default, only Controllers set Meeting types. However, under the Access rights tab in the Config area, a Controller can assign permissions to a Manager to become a Performance Manager. A Performance Manager is also be able to add meeting types.


Where can managers and employees view upcoming meetings or meetings once they have happened?
A Performance Manager can view performance meetings in their My meetings as manager tab. Employees can view meetings they’ve had via the Myhome area, again within the Performance Management module.
I just had an unscheduled meeting, how do I record it?
Go to Management > Performance Management and click the Add previous meeting record button. A two part form will show for you to select the employee and details about the meeting.
Can you bulk upload meetings?
You need to add meetings individually, as you’re matching individual people to meetings.
Can you change a meeting's Meeting type once it has been scheduled?
What you would need to do is delete the meeting (if it’s a one off) or stop the future scheduled recurrence of that Meeting type for that employee, then enrol the employee onto a different Meeting type.
Can you add more than one employee to a meeting?
You can only create performance meetings for individual employees. You can, however, set multiple Performance Managers for that employee.

Recurring meetings

How do I schedule a recurring meeting?
Go to Management > Performance Management > Meeting schedule. Click the Add future meeting button. In part three of the four part form that appears, select Yes in answer to Does this meeting repeat, and fill in the details of the meeting cycle.
For more information see the Performance Management Scheduling meetings page.
How do I cancel a cycle of recurring meetings?
Go to Management > Performance Management > Scheduled meetings. Find the meeting whose recurrences you wish to end, from the Actions menu, select Stop recurrence.
For more information, see the Deleting Performance Management meetings page.
Can you set recurring meetings to happen on a specific date?
When setting a schedule, you can add a recurring meeting in keeping with the week, month, or year – the third Wednesday of every month, for example. You cannot select a specific numerical date because this would mean it isn’t guaranteed that recurring meetings will always fall on a workday for the manager/employee.

Meeting records

How do I see all the meetings for an employee?
Go to Employee files and find the employee whose records you wish to see. From the icon bar, click Performance Management.
Can an employee rate a meeting?
No, rating meetings is performed by the manager who conducted the performance management meeting at the time of completing the meeting.
Can I delete a meeting record?
If the meeting has not been marked as completed, it can still be deleted is required. Go to Management > Performance Management > Scheduled meetings, find the meeting you wish to delete and select Delete meeting from the Actions menu. Once a meeting has been marked as completed, it cannot be deleted.
For more information, see the Completing Performance Management meetings page.

Documents and notifications

How can you add documents to meetings?
When you’re adding in a new meeting type at the configuration stage, once you’ve set the meeting type’s name, you have three options for guidance documents or templates: employee guidance documents, Manager guidance documents, and templates visible both to the employee and Performance Manager (typically the completion documents you use).
Can you keep meeting notes private so employees cannot see them?
Both the employee and their Performance Manager can see meeting notes related to a performance meeting concerning that employee.
Do employees get notified when you add a meeting for them or add documents?
The employee will be notified when a meeting has been set up for them and if any employee guidance documents are added in advance of the meeting.