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Getting started with Employee Holidays – users

Keep Track of Employee Holidays

myhrtoolkit provides easy administration and comprehensive tracking of holidays. To book a holiday, navigate to ‘myhome’ and select the ‘holidays’ icon.

Booking Holidays

  1. The ‘book holiday dates’ tab gives a brief overview of your current holiday entitlement, and allows for booking new dates.Date pickers will popup as you fill the form in to make entry easier. Ensure you input the number of your normal working days covered, which may be different from the number of calendar days.

    Note – the dates you give are inclusive, so if booking a single day off, use the same date in both date boxes.

    Depending on company policy, the Notes box might be mandatory, used for giving details of who will be providing cover, relevant contact details, etc.

  2. When completed, clicking ‘Submit’ will show a confirmation screen, allowing you the chance to review your request.
    If your dates span any days you would not be scheduled to work, bank holidays, etc. ensure that you deselect them before continuing. If you choose ‘Morning only’ or ‘Afternoon only,’ make sure that the ‘Number of working days’ box is updated in line with agreed company procedure for recognising partial days.

    Note – if the days picked and the ‘Number of working days’ do not match, you will be asked to confirm that this was intended, and given the opportunity to go back and correct if not.

  3. After submission, your holiday request will go to your holiday manager(s) for consideration. Your holiday request is not authorised until a holiday manager has approved the request. Depending on company policy, approval may be needed from 2 holiday managers.Your holiday summary will now reflect the new request. Should the holiday request need to be withdrawn, following the ‘Withdraw request‘ link will send a holiday withdrawal request to you holiday manager(s).
  4. When your holiday (or withdrawal) request has been actioned by your holiday manager (whether approved or declined), you will be notified on your message board and with an email.

Note – If your organisation uses a two stage approval process for holiday requests, notes to that effect will be shown. Further details about two stage holiday approval can be found here.
Enjoy your holiday; don’t forget to send a postcard!

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