How to record historical appraisals

You may want to record appraisals against an employee which happened before your organisation started using myhrtoolkit. You can do this using the following steps.

Note – This guide assumes a knowledge of how the Appraisals system works and that full access to appraisal management facilities is available.
  1. Create a new appraisal profile. Give the new profile a distinctive name; this document will use the title ‘Archive Appraisals.’ Unless you have reasons not to, accept all the default settings (especially that the profile should be non-recurring).

    Archive appraisals on myhrtoolkit

  2. In Appraisals, add a new appraisal against an employee using Add an appraisal or Add another appraisal as appropriate.

    Add a historical appraisal to the system

  3. Select the ‘Archive Appraisals’ profile, set the ‘Appraisal manager’ to be you, and accept all the other defaults.

    Archive an appraisal

  4. Go to My appraisals – as appraiser and find the employee.

    Find an archived employee appraisal

    Upload any documents and notes as needed. It is worth adding a note something along the lines of ‘Appraisal conducted [date]’.

    When ready, click Confirm completed. The appraisal will move to ‘Appraisal history,’ and will show in the employee’s ‘My completed appraisals.’

    Archived appraisal appears in complete employee appraisals

For each additional archival appraisal, follow the steps from ‘2’ onward.

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