Frequently Asked Questions and diagnostics

This page provides solutions and suggestions for resolving common questions that arise whilst using the myhrtoolkit HR software system.

Holiday management FAQs

I don't need TOIL/I need TOIL and can’t see it!

This is a global setting controlled via Config > System > Hours > TOIL.

If you have this facility turned on, a new TOIL page will appear in Management > Holidays and Employee Files > Holidays.

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What happens when a holiday request is neither approved nor denied?

If a holiday request is not approved by the starting date of the holiday, the system will display additional advisory messages. The request will remain available for approval.

How do I change the holiday year?

Please see the guidance about holiday years. Before making changes, we recommend contacting the myhrtoolkit support desk.

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A manager can’t see holiday requests

Whilst a manager may lead a team, their team’s holiday requests may be dealt with separately. For the manager to receive the holiday requests, they will need to be setup as a holiday manager for a group containing their team.

Note – an employee can be part of more than one holiday groups.

Managers can receive notifications about when members of their team go on holiday without being a holiday manager. This is controlled globally from Config > Access Rights > Notifications.

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Absence management FAQs

A manager can’t see sickness absence information

To see absence information, a manager needs to be an ‘Absence Manager’ (Config > Access rights > Absence managers).

Note – To be assigned as an Absence manager, the user must be a Manager.

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How can I define types of General Absence?

Read our guide to General Absence types.

Management FAQs

User access to pay records

If your users can not see their pay record, or managers have too much access to pay information…

  • Users – Access to pay information is enabled globally, see Config > System > People > Employees access to their information.
Managers – There are three levels of access to pay information for Managers, this is controlled using Config > Access Rights > Managers’ rights. The options are –
  • See no pay/benefits info at all
  • View only
  • Full access
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Removing an expired formal warning
Enable the recording of user’s bank details

This can only be enabled by a call to the myhrtoolkit support desk.

Login FAQs

Trouble logging in

If you're having trouble logging into your myhrtoolkit system account, see our guide to troubleshooting when logging in.

Issues with keeping logged in

Occasionally users experience issues with staying logged into myhrtoolkit, see the staying logged in support page for information on how to resolve it.

Note – Our servers run scheduled maintenance between 4am and 5am every Saturday. In the event that you are trying to access the system during this time, you may temporarily have issues logging in and/or using your myhrtoolkit.

Other FAQs

A User is not receiving notifications

If a User isn’t receiving notifications – holiday, document, weekly email, etc. notifications – look at these areas:

  • Check their system email is correct in Management > Bulk data > People > System email
  • If the issue is with weekly emails, look at Myhome > My Settings > Weekly email settings
  • If notifications are not being sent out as a result of personal record updates, holidays, starters or leavers, check the settings in Config > Access Rights > Notifications

Related guide: Setting up notifications - Controllers

A Manager cannot see the features they expect

If a Manager user does not have features available which they expect, it is probably a rights issue. If they can’t see —

the 'Config' link (top right)
this is only available to Controllers, see Config > Access Rights > Controllers
the Management tab
this is only available to Managers, see Config > Access Rights > Managers
the Employee Files tab
this function is only available to Managers, see Config > Access Rights > Managers’ rights
the Document library tabs for uploading specific document types
this only applies to Managers – the specific tabs need to be enabled for them (Config > Access Rights > Managers’ document rights)
Note – Other management features, such as being able to create appraisal profile, access to disciplinary records, setting up new employees, etc., are also set by a controller via Config > Access Rights > Managers’ rights.
How do I integrate myhrtoolkit with my calendar?

Holiday dates, etc. can be integrated into external calendars. Seeg how to configure this with common calendar systems in the Calendar integration support page.

Initially, it will require a call to the myhrtoolkit service desk for activation.

How do I manage currency and bank holidays for international locations?

Your organisation may open up branches in new territories which may use a different currency to others, and operate different bank holidays.

myhrtoolkit is designed to accommodate these scenarios. When a location is set up, the country is set. To define the currencies and bank holiday arrangements for these, navigate to...

  • Currency
    Navigate to Config > Organisational Structure > Currencies. For each country listed set the desired currency, remembering to use Submit when done.
  • Bank Holiday
    Go to Config > Holidays > International statutory holidays. As myhrtoolkit is a British company, bank holidays for the UK are known and fixed within the system, the dates can be viewed as needed; bank holidays for any other country your installation uses can be edited. Clicking the pencil/edit icon will allow days to be added or deleted as appropriate.
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